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Famous Trials in American History (Self-Paced Course)

Simpson in Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and boys between and , the year he was finally arrested. Investigators eventually learned that Dahmer had postmortem sex with many of his victims and consumed portions of several of them. Dahmer was charged in 15 of the killing and his trial began in early , with his lawyers arguing insanity as their defense. The televised proceedings lasted two weeks, and Dahmer was eventually sentenced to 15 life terms.

6 Most Terrifying Murder Trials of 2015

He was killed in prison in late , though his life and murders remain objects of true-crime fascination. During the summer of , many Americans were caught up in the murder trial of Casey Anthony, a young mother from Florida who was accused in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. Though jurors acquitted Casey of that most serious charge, they did find her guilty of lying to investigators.

She was sentenced to four years in prison but was given credit for time served and released days later. The first trial, which ended in a mistrial, was televised. The second, which ended in a guilty verdict for second-degree murder after about 30 hours of jury deliberations, was not.

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Spector, whose defense argued Clarkson had possibly killed herself, was sentenced to 19 years to life in prison. Before she was tried in the brutal murder of her former boyfriend Travis Alexander, Jodi Arias boasted that no jury would convict. Once her prosecution began in late , Arias testified that she killed Alexander in self-defense because he was allegedly abusive.

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Their fame, fortune and the former adoration from the public for their skills in their sports mean that these 5 trials were publicised around the world. OJ Simpson Not only one of the most famous sports trials of all time, it is probably one of the most famous trials in history. Though O. In , Simpson was charged with the murders of both individuals and embarked on a controversial trial that would captivate the media and the world.

As general editor of that series he carefully selected his editors and insisted on the greatest possible accuracy in the presentation of each volume.

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  4. Outside of his business life Mr Hodge's main interest was devoted to music, and he has a number of compositions to his name. He died in November This is a reprint of the original edition. Volume 3 Frederick Browne, sentenced to death for the shooting of P. Gutteridge in , endured a veritable "trial by newspaper" when the damning statement of his accomplice was made public. The plight of the defendent who stands accused by heresay and prejudice was illustrated by the notorious case of Florence Maybrick - found guilty of poisoning her husband with arsenic - which exposed the need for a Court of Appeal.

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