The Minotaurs Sacrifice

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Now that she was being touched by two such hands, hands filled with the memories of a lover, she did not remember the fighting and killing of struggling beasts.

The Minotaur: Half Man, Half Bull Monster of Greek Mythology

She did not remember that she had gone without food the previous day. Rather, she almost remembers the touch of her mother on those few days before her blinding and her placement in the labyrinth. We see the two of them again. Theseus remembers his place and his danger. He takes a piece of cord perhaps this is the source of the myth of the string and he binds the Minotaur quickly, before she understands. We walk with them.

She is calm. His haste in tying her was not needed. She would not have fought. Even bound, she is changed. She is searching her memory for something, something from before, something from outside these corridors whose every groove and branch she knows. We follow, turning every familiar corner, past every fountain and brick wall, known by touch to one, to the other known through the study of maps. We come to the familiar door at the top of the labyrinth, the door we both know, but have neither passed.


We pass through this door now, beyond the walls of the labyrinth. It is here that Theseus leaves me, here that I repeat my story. Still blind, I cannot move from this place. There are no walls around me, and I am lost. Already a subscriber?

Minotaur A sacrifice in vain

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Crete and the Minotaur

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The Myth of the Minotaur

Related Articles on Ancient-Origins. An ancient warrior woman has been found in the Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria wearing rare Roman jewelry. Believed to have been related to a warrior or chieftain, the ancient woman was But it is not just the age of the city that makes it a popular destination.

In the center of the city stands an architectural landmark, a former Archaeologists working for the Israel Antiquities Authority have announced the discovery of a major city, which they are calling a megalopolis. The site is rich in historic finds. Most of the site Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a child who died in the Copper Age, 5, years ago, in Turkey. The skeleton, believed to be that of a 6- or 7-year-old, was found in the ruins of a A grave has been found in Bulgaria with the skeleton of an ancient sportsman or sports fan.

Alongside the human remains was a nearly year-old jar that represents the head of a boxer or a Top New Stories. New technology has allowed experts to understand some enigmatic Stone Age rock-art in Sweden, revealing that prehistoric people were already taking to the seas. When the Roman conquerors encountered the world of Gaulish deities and traditions, they tried to understand it in their own religious terms. Seeing a cult of gods and goddesses, they sought to find The Gods of the Hopi and the dance of the Kachinas.

Doppelgangers and the mythology of spirit doubles. Human Origins. A historical explanation of the myth refers to the time when Crete was the main political and cultural potency in the Aegean Sea. As the fledgling Athens and probably other continental Greek cities was under tribute to Crete, it can be assumed that such tribute included young men and women for sacrifice.

This ceremony was performed by a priest disguised with a bull head or mask, thus explaining the imagery of the Minotaur. Once continental Greece was free from Crete's dominance, the myth of the Minotaur worked to distance the forming religious consciousness of the Hellene poleis from Minoan beliefs. A scientific interpretation also exists.

Citing early descriptions of the minotaur by Callimachus as being entirely focused on the "cruel bellowing" it made from its underground labyrinth and the extensive tectonic activity in the region, science journalist Matt Kaplan has theorised that the myth may well stem from geology. Given this, he argues that the Minoans used the monster to help explain the terrifying earthquakes that were "bellowing" beneath their feet.

Dante and Virgil encounter the beast first among the "men of blood": those damned for their violent natures. Some commentators believe that Dante, in a reversal of classical tradition, bestowed the beast with a man's head upon a bull's body, [22] though this representation had already appeared in the Middle Ages. In these lines Virgil taunts the Minotaur in order to distract him, and reminds the Minotaur that he was killed by Theseus the Duke of Athens with the help of the monster's half-sister Ariadne. The Minotaur is the first infernal guardian whom Virgil and Dante encounter within the walls of Dis.

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Giovanni Boccaccio writes of the Minotaur in his literary commentary of the Commedia: "When he had grown up and become a most ferocious animal, and of incredible strength, they tell that Minos had him shut up in a prison called the labyrinth, and that he had sent to him there all those whom he wanted to die a cruel death". Virgil and Dante then pass quickly by to the centaurs Nessus, Chiron, Pholus, and Nessus who guard the Flegetonte "river of blood" , to continue through the seventh Circle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the mythological monster.

For other uses, see Minotaur disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Minotaur bust, National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Get away, you beast, for this man does not come tutored by your sister; he comes to view your punishments. Retrieved 20 July Through the Labyrinth. Munich, London, New York: Prestel.


There she conceived and bore three sons, Minos, Sarpedon and Rhadamanthys. Cambridge University Press. The annual period is given by J.

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  5. Zimmerman cites Virgil, Apollodorus, and Pausanias. The nine-year period appears in Plutarch and Ovid. I6, iv. Modern scholarship generally discounts the idea; see Kern, Through the Labyrinth , Prestel, , p.

    The Minotaurs Sacrifice The Minotaurs Sacrifice
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    The Minotaurs Sacrifice

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