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The Divine Right of Kings or Regal Tyranny? Thomas Hobbes (1651) vs. John Lilburne (1647)

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My Habit. Right to the Top. If the Stars Come Out Tonight. The Leviathan or the absolute monarch is wearing a crown and holding a sword a symbol of military power and a crosier of religious power.

There couldn't be a better depiction of the notion of "throne and altar" which formed the basis of state power in the 17th century. The Levellers were the first group to argue for the natural rights of individuals especially property , religious toleration, and elected parliaments which were responsible to the people.

The tract is over pages in length and Lilburne wanted to give a summary of his main arguments on the title page - hence the very lengthy "sub-title" if you can call it that in which he calls the king and parliament "delinquents", "ruffians," "invaders," "rotten" members, and "tyrants. Here is a transcription:. A Discourse, shewing that all lawfull approbational instituted power by God amongst men, is by common agreement, and mutual consent.

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Which power in the hands of whomsoever ought alwayes to be exercised for the good, benefit, and welfare of the Trusters, and never ought other wise to be administered: Which, whensoever it is, it is justly resistable and revokeable; It being against the light of Nature and reason, and the end wherefore God endowed Man with understanding, for any sort or generation of men to give so much power into the hands of any man or men whatsoever, as to enable them to destroy them, or to suffer such a kind of power to be excercised over them, by any man or men, that shal assume it unto himself, either by the sword, or any other kind of way.

The Tyrannie of the Kings of England, from the dayes of William the Invader and Robber, and Tyrant, alias the Conqueror , to this present King Charles , Who is plainly proved to be worse, and more tyrannicall then any of his Predecessors, and deserves a more severe punishment from the hands of this present Parliament, then either of the dethroned Kings, Edw.

Out of which is drawn a Discourse , occasioned by the Tyrannie and Injustice inflicted by the Lords, upon that stout-faithful-lover of his Country, and constant Sufferer for the Liberties thereof, Lieut.

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John Lilburn , now prisoner in the Tower. In which these 4. That if it were granted that the Lords were a legall jurisdiction, and had a judicative power over the Commons; yet the manner of their dealing with Mr. Lilburn, was, and is illegall and unjust.

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That the Lords by right are no Judicature at all. That by Law and Right they are no Law makers. That by Law and Right it is not in the power of the king, nor in the power of the House of Commons it selfe, to delegate the legislative power, either to the Lords divided, or conjoyned; no, nor to any other person or persons whatsoever. Vnto which is annexed a little touch, upon some palbable miscarriages, of some rotten Members of the House of Commons: which House, is the absolute sole lawmaking, and law-binding Interest of England.

The Kings Right The Kings Right
The Kings Right The Kings Right
The Kings Right The Kings Right
The Kings Right The Kings Right
The Kings Right The Kings Right
The Kings Right The Kings Right

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