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Natasha, daughter of Ivan

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Shortland made her name with a succession of short films in her homeland of Australia before the release of Somersault , her first feature. Read more: The best Marvel movies , ranked.

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  6. When is Black Widow released in cinemas? Who’s in the cast and what’s it about?.
  7. Black Widow.

With shooting underway in March according to Deseret News , there are no Black Widow movie set photos to mull over just yet. Nonetheless, some sites claim to already know where additional filming will take place, no doubt triggering interest for paparazzi or committed fans! Filming in Croatia also offers favourable production incentives, which was one of the reasons for Disney using it in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Read more: Every Marvel post-credits scene and what they mean.

If true, that would set it in , two years after the events of Iron Man , but six years before Black Widow joins the Avengers.

A disguise so good, you'd never recognize her

Predictable, perhaps: but when predictable sounds this exciting, who cares?! The first Phase 4 movie will be dropping as soon as May , and Black Widow is a strong contender for that slot. But what can we expect from Scarlett Johansson 's long-awaited solo outing as Natasha Romanoff? Romanoff's death, while noble and perhaps inevitable , left many feeling shortchanged and somewhat confused — we've known about plans for a Black Widow solo movie since well before Endgame , after all.

How can Marvel make a movie about a character who's dead? Does this confirm that Black Widow will be a prequel?

Black Widow (Natasha Romanova)

Not necessarily. Black Widow may have bitten the dust halfway through the fourth Avengers film, but the movie appeared to drop a few hints at the character's potential future, both before and after she sacrificed herself for the Soul Stone. Let's take a look at how Endgame sets up the Black Widow movie. By the time we get to see it in theaters, the Black Widow solo movie will have been under discussion at Marvel for a decade.

To say the studio took its time with the project would be an understatement, though despite Marvel's hesitance to press forward with Black Widow , it still peppered the movies it was releasing with breadcrumbs that it could return to at a later date. Perhaps the biggest example of this is Budapest, where Black Widow and Hawkeye bonded during a mysterious pre-Avengers mission.

  • How Avengers: Endgame sets up the Black Widow movie.
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  • Black Widow?
  • We first heard about Budapest during 's The Avengers. As Romanoff and Barton embark on their mission to Vormir, the latter jokes that they're "a long way from Budapest," once again referencing their time together in Eastern Europe.

    If the upcoming Black Widow movie is indeed a prequel as the rumors suggest, it would make sense for Marvel to finally pay up and explain just what went down in Budapest all those years ago. Another Avengers: Endgame moment that may well have been prepping us for the Black Widow solo movie happened when she and Hawkeye arrived on Vormir in search of the Soul Stone. As the pair approach the Red Skull now a spectral figure acting as the keeper of the Stone , he refers to Black Widow as "Natasha, daughter of Ivan.

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    There was no mention of her parentage, however, and when Red Skull named her father as Ivan in Endgame , this seemed like new information to the KGB spy-turned-Avenger. Why bother with the line and Black Widow's reaction to it if they weren't going to come into play later? It was Bezukhov who introduced Romanoff to the Soviet government's Black Widow Ops program, where she and a number of other orphans trained in the Red Room. Watching Natasha Romanoff battle Clint Barton for the honor of sacrificing herself to give the Avengers a shot at beating Thanos was a hard pill to swallow for fans of the Black Widow, many of whom have been theorizing about how she might not actually be gone for good.

    Bruce Banner stated that he tried unsuccessfully to bring Romanoff back to life using the Infinity Stones in Endgame , but what if he was actually successful and just doesn't know it yet? Banner may believe that his attempt to bring Black Widow back was in vain, but all we have as proof is his word. Related news.

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    What are the Infinity Stones? What do they do? Everything you need to know before Avengers: Endgame.

    The untold truth of Black Widow

    Meet the cast of Avengers: Endgame. All about Black Widow. You might like.

    The Black Widow The Black Widow
    The Black Widow The Black Widow
    The Black Widow The Black Widow
    The Black Widow The Black Widow
    The Black Widow The Black Widow

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