Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams)

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Selected Choral Songs of Franz Schubert. Tanya Hanano. The following year brought the composition of more than songs. The many unfinished fragments and sketches of songs left by Schubert provide some insight into the working of his creative mind. Clearly, the primary stimulus was melodic. The words of a poem engendered a tune.

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Harmony chordal structure of a composition and modulation change of key were then suggested by the contours of the melody. These features were fully present in the songs of The years that followed deepened and enriched but did not revolutionize these novel departures in song. Friends of his college days were faithful, particularly Josef von Spanun, who in introduced him to the poet Johann Mayrhofer. He also induced the young and brilliant Franz von Schober to visit Schubert.

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In the spring of Schubert applied for the post of music director in a college at Laibach now Ljubljana , Slovenia but was unsuccessful. His friends tried to interest Goethe in the songs and in April sent a volume of 16 settings to the poet at Weimar. It produced no result. At length, in December , Schober persuaded Schubert to apply for leave of absence.

His friendships with the Huttenbrenner brothers, Anselm, a composer, and Josef, an amateur musician, and with Josef von Gahy, a pianist with whom he played duets, date from these days.

Mirjams Siegesgesang

But this period of freedom did not last, and in the autumn of Schubert returned to his teaching duties. The two earlier years had been particularly fruitful. There were two more symphonies: No. A fourth mass , in C major, was composed in The year is notable for the beginning of his masterly series of piano sonatas. His frustrated period in the spring had produced only one substantial work, the Symphony No.

In the meantime his reputation was growing, however, and the first public performance of one of his works, the Italian Overture in C Major , took place on March 1, , in Vienna. Letters to his friends show him in exuberant spirits, and the summer months were marked by a fresh creative outburst. The composer delighted in the beauty of the countryside and was touched by the enthusiastic reception given everywhere to his music. The close of saw him engrossed in songs to poems by his friend Mayrhofer and by Goethe, who inspired the masterly Prometheus. It was followed by the performance of incidental music for the play Die Zauberharfe The Magic Harp , given in August of the same year.

The lovely, melodious overture became famous as the Rosamunde overture. Schubert was achieving renown in wider social circles than the restricted spheres of friend and patron. The wealthy and influential Sonnleithner family was interested in his development; their son Leopold became a great friend and supporter.

At the close of the year , Schubert composed the Quartettsatz Quartet-Movement in C Minor, heralding the great string quartets of the middle s, and another popular piece, the motet for female voices on the text of Psalm Eighteen months later, opus 12 had been reached. These parties, called Schubertiaden , were given in the homes of wealthy merchants and civil servants, but the wider worlds of opera and public concerts still eluded him. He worked during August on a seventh symphony in E Minor and Major, but this, too, was put aside, along with many other unfinished works of the period.

It was completed in February but was never performed. Two movements and a half-finished scherzo were completed in October and November At the close of Schubert contracted a venereal disease , probably syphilis , and the following year was one of illness and retirement. He continued to write almost incessantly.

Schubert spent part of the summer in the hospital and probably started work—while still a patient—on his most ambitious opera, Fierrabras. The early months of were again unhappy. Schubert was ill, penniless, and plagued by a sense of failure.

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Once more his health and spirits revived. Although his operas remained unperformed, there were frequent public performances of his songs and part-songs in Vienna during these and the following years. Publication proceeded rapidly, and his financial position, though still strained, was at any rate eased.

Nevertheless, this is a worthy release, and I await its sequel with anticipation.

Altena Read less. Symphony No. Just when you think there are no more musical 'discoveries' to be had, here comes this adventurous German recording company with another high quality recording of orchestral works by an obscure composer to completely overturn your assumption.

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German composer Friedrich Gernsheim's First and Third Symphonies are presented on this disk, and what superbly melodic works they turn out to be! One possible factor behind the excellence of Gernsheim's works may have been his wide exposure to many other leading composers of the latter 19th century, something that is discussed in detail in the very comprehensive CD booklet notes.

These 2 symphonies impressed me with their brilliant use of melody along with solid structure.

Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams) Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams)
Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams) Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams)
Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams) Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams)
Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams) Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams)
Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams) Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams)
Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams) Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams)
Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams) Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams)
Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams) Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams)
Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams) Song of Miriam (Der Gesang Miriams)

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