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The burdens the enemy places on us come in many different forms, each unique to our personal makeup.

Rise like a phoenix to soar like an eagle

The good news is we have a God who is more powerful than the enemy. A God who promises to share His strength with us so that we can overcome whatever it is that would weigh us down.

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Trust in the Lord. And prepare for takeoff. Dan completed his initial Crucible weekend in He is an author and speaker whose passion is to help those looking for love, healing and grace in their lives to find it in relationship with the Heavenly Father. God wants you to be like Him, above all.


You will need to study His ways as He showed it to Moses. The second level of soaring like an eagle is to study and emulate the men that the Bible described as eagles; when God talks of soaring with the eagles, He is talking about who you should pattern your life after.

God will always give you a picture of what He wants you to become. Men like Apostle Paul, David, Joseph, etc. Men like Apostle Paul, David, Joseph, etc. God will give you a biblical pattern to tailor your life after. Tarry in His presence to know the biblical pattern He has for you because it will simplify your journey.

The third level of soaring like an eagle is seen in the men around us whose lives reflect the biblical pattern of an eagle. In addition to Bible personalities, God will also give you a human person to instruct you and help you turn out right.

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Soar Like An Eagle Soar Like An Eagle
Soar Like An Eagle Soar Like An Eagle
Soar Like An Eagle Soar Like An Eagle
Soar Like An Eagle Soar Like An Eagle
Soar Like An Eagle Soar Like An Eagle

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