Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story

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A fantastic erotic short story read expertly by Richard Dickins. I play hard but f - k harder. And no woman is going to change that. When I meet JoJo, I expect a one-night stand, but a revealing photograph pushes us together, and now she needs me to be more than that. For JoJo, I can be more than a stripper - I can be her man. Except I know she's hiding something JoJo:I have two priorities: fighting and family.

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Time is running out: I have only four weeks to live my life on my own terms. So when McQueen shows up the gym, I give in to what we both want. But what starts as a no-strings-attached afternoon quickly becomes a fight for my life. If I tell McQueen the truth, my life as I know it will be over Warning: McQueen features an alpha male with a desperate need to protect his woman. It's sexy as hell. You might need a cool bath after. Just sayin'.

Rough Day for the Teacher by J.S. Scott

An Insatiable Press audio production. Erotica Every Day - 30 Flash This is the altruistic approach. Yes, punishment might be costly for the punisher, but so the theory goes it generates downstream benefits for others — stabilising cooperation, enforcing just rules, deterring freeriders. Punishment is probably essential for maintaining and enforcing norms, laws and customs. Yet its origins appear to trace back to a time before robust human societies, perhaps even before we had language to articulate the rules.

Recent research has identified contexts where dominant chimps seem to punish freeloaders. So perhaps punishment preceded the benefits it generates. Punishment can be detrimental , even in the long run. These observations suggest that altruism is, at best, only a small part of the story.

Moreover, even if punishment is crucial for achieving some forms of social cooperation, it might not have originated for that reason.

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Instead, perhaps it came about for another reason entirely, and only later assumed a socially beneficial role. O ne intriguing possibility can be found in early research on the evolution of social behaviour.

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  6. Altruism, according to him, is behaviour that imposes a cost on the actor and confers a benefit on a recipient. It fits more readily into another category Hamilton identified: spite. Spiteful behaviour imposes a cost on the actor and inflicts harm on the recipient. Could punishment have originated as a kind of spite, rather than as a scaffold for social harmony? Spite evolves in situations where organisms pay an absolute cost to generate a relative advantage; having one fewer offspring can be evolutionarily advantageous if it means that others have even fewer.

    Spiteful actions appear at many levels of biological organisation, ranging from fish , to macaques and, of course, to humans.

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    From an evolutionary perspective, spite is about levelling the playing field by taking everyone down, in order to get a leg up for oneself. Causing harm, based on group membership or some shared trait, might have evolved first, without a clear, tangible benefit. Once established, this sort of behaviour could then be coopted to enforce cooperation — or anything else for that matter, including bad or oppressive norms.

    When we survey nonhuman social behaviour, we see peculiar instances of what looks like punishment. Consider Pseudomonas aeruginosa : these fascinating bacteria display a form of spite by producing costly and harmful toxins. There are numerous other examples.

    Honey bees police egg-laying. Imported red fire ants use pheromone markers to find and kill individuals that are genetically distinct. These examples suggest that there could be a wide range of punishment-like behaviours geared towards inflicting harm. A significant amount of current empirical and theoretical work focuses on the role of punishment in scenarios concerning public, shared goods.

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    The old Economics professor, a lewd old woman with an unappetizing penchant for bright pink bows, was retiring. Her replacement was new to the university, and rumored to be drool-worthy. The young Professor Jones did not disappoint. His thick black hair and piercing blue eyes had panties dropping all around the room as he began his first lecture. Suddenly, Economics was a vital class that required every ounce of dedication that Maggie had. Though she had tried to pay attention to what he was saying, Maggie found herself caught up in the way that his biceps flexed whenever he crossed his arms.

    She was focusing more on how his tailored suit shirt rode up just enough to give a teasing reveal of his well-defined stomach than on theories of the evolution of economics. Her notes were filled with absent doodles as she stared. Days in Economics were spent daydreaming. With every day, her fantasies of him cutting the lecture short and carrying her to his private island to make wild, passionate love to her grew longer and more detailed.

    After class, she and her friends would giggle and bemoan the fates that put him so close, but so far away from their horny grasp. I need to see you in my office after class.

    The harmful myth of student-teacher relationships

    The sun would be warm against her bare shoulders, and his skin would taste like a heady combination of salt and man beneath her tongue. Maggie was snapped from her reverie by the loud shuffling of students hastily stuffing papers into folders and bags.

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    Glancing up, she met the eyes of her professor. He beckoned absentmindedly with two fingers and disappeared into his office. Maggie took the extra few seconds to pull her shorts farther up, and her tank top a tad farther down.

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    She had worked hard to mold her body into curvy perfection, and knew how to use it to her advantage. Stepping through the doorway, she frowned to herself when he barely spared her a glance, seemingly indifferent to her charm. Professor Jones was sitting behind his desk, his computer casting a faint glow on his face. Gesturing to a simple brown chair in front of his desk for her to sit down, he began speaking. You, unfortunately, are the only one in the entire class that is even close to not passing. Now, why do you think that is? Am I understood? I cannot allow this kind of failure to continue.

    Which would have wasted several hundred dollars, not to mention hours of your time and mine. He was asking her to sit still for a spanking, like a naughty child.

    Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story
    Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story
    Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story
    Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story
    Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story
    Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story
    Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story Punished by the Professor: An Erotic Short Story

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