Never a Dull Moment

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Love is worthwhile despite the pain involved in separation. We need you! Help us build the largest human-edited phrases collection on the web! Add a Phrase. Anything can happen; a certain option should not be totally dismissed. Alternative form of dull as dishwater. Too much inactivity makes one less mentally acute. Too much focus on one's career is often viewed unfavorably.

never a dull moment

Used to ask a person to wait a moment. The moment or instance at which the solution to a problem or other significant realization becomes clear. Immediately; instantaneously; without need of warning. The moment of a sudden unexpected discovery. A memorable moment or event, one which would make a poignant greeting card.

In conversation which flows rapidly and is complicated or heavily detailed, one' may be asked to retain the just spoken remark so as to avoid confusion and loss of reasoned progress in the matter at hand. The finances are in horrible disorder just now. A brief instance in which an otherwise obscure, unremarkable, or humble person draws attention. A deciding instant; the time when a test determines or makes it apparent whether something will succeed. On the Spur of the Moment.

Spontaneously, impulsive, without planning. On very short notice; spontaneously.

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Impluse; short notice; a lack of planning. I worked with a man from Foulridge, Lancashire for over 35 years who often used this phrase whenever there was a problem and he wasn't sure of the answer!.. A polite refusal by someone who has just done a magic trick to reveal how it works. A refusal to explain how one accomplished something impressive. A process appears to go more slowly if one waits for it rather than engaging in other activities.

Alternative form of don't look a gift horse in the mouth. There also seems to be lots of animals around. Goats, chickens, guinea fowl, pigs. A definite sign of improved stability and a return to normalcy in Katanga, this is also the reason for the next unplanned stop.

We were slowly passing through one of the villages when a goat decided that instead of running away from the car, he would try to run under it! Not a great idea and we got him with our rear tire. Yup…ran over a goat…. Our driver stopped, checked his review mirror, sighed and got out of the car.

The driver, not MSF, is totally responsible in cases like this. According to the local law, the driver is only at fault if you run something over with the front tire.

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In this case, it was the rear tire so he should not have had to pay anything. A discussion continued, money exchanged hands, we continued on and the villagers feasted on goat that night.


In the end, he did run over a goat and felt responsible for compensating the owner, regardless of who was at fault! Another hour longer, we get to a spectacular bridge that had clearly been built by the Belgians before independence of the DRC. While the metal structure was in seemingly good shape, the years had not been as kind to the wooden slats that are needed to ensure safe passage.

Some had been stolen and others had just rotted away and had been replaced by small logs. One word — Sketchy. Most of the time, the driver just pushes forward, trying to avoid the largest holes and get to the other side without falling through. The bridge in the picture below was especially bad.

Center for Strategic & International Studies

In this case, the driver actually had to rearrange the sticks and use his sand plates to cover a pretty big hole towards the far end. The meeting with the Doctor was quite productive and definitely made the trip worthwhile. I had almost 20 issues to discuss and we were able to come to agreements on most of them, with both of us leaving with action items.

The way back was no less interesting. That was a stressful ride and whenever he stopped crying I held my breath until he started again…as at least this way I knew he was still alive. Since my meeting went a bit long, we left a bit late and had to spend the second night with the Sisters in a small town halfway back to Dubie. Although nothing is free, they fed us, provided rooms for myself the driver and our convoyeur and even found us some breakfast the next morning. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Home Grant Assenheimer Fieldset Never a dull moment.

Grant Assenheimer. Project Coordination. Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Assenheimer A typical road in Katanga. Assenheimer Road blocked Assenheimer Stuck again! Assenheimer The fishing village of Lewanza. Assenheimer The main market in Lekenzolwa. Assenheimer Where is the maintenance crew? Assenheimer Nice view! Help us spread the word.

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Never a Dull Moment Never a Dull Moment
Never a Dull Moment Never a Dull Moment
Never a Dull Moment Never a Dull Moment
Never a Dull Moment Never a Dull Moment
Never a Dull Moment Never a Dull Moment
Never a Dull Moment Never a Dull Moment
Never a Dull Moment Never a Dull Moment
Never a Dull Moment Never a Dull Moment

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