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Angel Answers Oracle Cards : A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

Showing all 4 reviews. Sort by: Helpfulness Rating Date. Excellent Work Environement. Great Staff, Great Management. The job is best for someone who enjoys sitting at a desk all day and enjoys speaking to people on a regular basis. It is a inbound call centre only. Was this review helpful? Great stressfree job. This is a great place to work.

The staff are easy to get along with and the Management is pleasant and easily approachable.

For what you are doing you're fairly compensated. You basically just answer phone calls type and send messages. There's down time so it's not so stressful. They have barbeques for the staff and you generally get the impression they care for you. Uninterested owner. Undertrained new employees.

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Underpaid senior employees. You are both happier and more fulfilled professionally than you ever could have dreamed. At the end of this period of intense personal transformation you look around and realize you are light years from where you were, and that these growth spurts required much of your time, energy, and mental and emotional resources.

You've given up having a baby naturally and are focusing on adoption when you suddenly get pregnant! The angels and Spirit were not torturing you by denying your request for a child for those long years.

They just knew that your soul had other things to accomplish before you became a mother, and having all your spare time and energy monopolized by your little bundle of joy for the first few years of its life would not have enabled you or your partner to grow as you needed to as individuals. Your prayer for a child all hinged on divine timing: Before you gave birth to a child, you needed to give birth to a new you. Just like angels, humans are dynamic, powerful spiritual beings.

And so we have been granted free will by Spirit so that we may help navigate our journeys here on earth. If your prayer request specifically interferes with another person's free will, the angels are not always, but often, unable to interfere. This type of situation can be devastating, the angels tell me, not only for the human making the prayer request, but also for the angels whose "wings are tied.

But this person refuses to have a relationship with you. They could be closing off their heart and putting up walls because they've been badly hurt in past romantic relationships, or because of trust issues or poor self-esteem that stems from childhood neglect or trauma. Even if the angels send this person messages that they need to start healing, and that they should seek out love, it is up to the individual to choose to enter a relationship with you or not. Perhaps someone you love is an addict. You pray they'll get help, and you suggest programs, doctors and support groups to your loved one.

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Angels nudge your loved one constantly about this, sending them thoughts and strong feelings that they should seek help and get control of their life back. Yet your loved one doesn't make even the smallest effort to change. The angels want me to remind you of the old saying, "You can lead a horse to water Soul contracts are agreements we make with ourselves, Spirit and other souls before we are even born.

You might pray your child will be born "perfectly healthy," and then learn in a sonogram that your baby is missing a limb. You might have had a soul contract to raise a child with special needs because you are uniquely positioned to advocate for these children and change the system, or perhaps your soul will grow and transform in amazing, wonderful ways through the difficulties and gifts that come with raising a child with special needs.

In addition, your child might have a soul contract to experience the world this way: to inspire others by their ability to rise above challenges, and to profoundly touch people's hearts because of their physical limitations. Or perhaps you pray your partner, a talented surgeon, will rise in her field and earn top dollar.

But when your partner is offered a position at the head of a famous hospital, she refuses the position, and the money, to spend a few years working for Doctors Without Borders, eventually opening up a clinic in an impoverished part of the world. Of course it could have gone the opposite direction: Your partner could have had a soul contract to run a large successful hospital, secure that hospital more funding by hobnobbing with the rich, and head up ground-breaking experimental procedures.

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It all depends on the nature of the soul contract. Soul contracts are very influential on a subconscious level, and when someone feels compelled to dedicate their life to something like a calling, it means they are following the inner GPS of a soul contract. Sometimes people experience tragedy so that others around them or the world in general can learn a powerful lesson. Perhaps you pray your friend's test results come back from the hospital negative, but when your friend receives a terminal diagnosis he then becomes a national advocate for better quality end-of-life care.

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Your prayer to keep your friend on this planet with you for decades to come interfered with a much larger need: the need of millions of patients to receive better end-of-life care, which your friend's illness could help facilitate. You might ask the angels to help you secure the building rights to a piece of land, but instead this land is declared a wetlands preserve and you are barred from breaking ground. Your prayer to build on this land interfered with something much larger than that prayer: the healing and preservation of the earth.

Every prayer is important, and your angels never want you to feel looked over or shut out from Spirit's grace. If you feel your prayer was sidelined because something "bigger" was at stake, then look for another way to get your needs met.

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The angels are always happy to help with this and are probably already sending you ideas. Yet angels must always think of your highest good, and the highest good of everyone involved, when answering a prayer. Here are 10 ways every man should treat a woman. No exceptions. Last year we discovered the magic of Godwinks meets the Samuel Martins Prayer is a spiritual discipline that most The Angels have Something Better in Store for You The Angels have Something Better in Store for You The angels have told me that sometimes we won't aim high enough in our prayers, or we will aim our prayer in the completely wrong direction.

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